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Bow Tie Fun Casino – pride ourselves in giving you the very best service & party entertainment possible.

Whatever your theme and venue, we can provide professional gaming equipment, experienced croupiers plus a variety of popular, fast & exciting casino games that are easy to play and learn, including:


– A very exciting and probably the most popular of all casino games with a choice of 37 numbers to place your betting chips on. The croupier will announce when to place bets and when to stop. The croupier then spins a ball around a beautiful, elegant roulette wheel. “Round and round the ball goes – where it lands nobody knows!” If the ball lands in your number you are a winner and this will give you odds of a 35 to 1 payout… Keep those fingers crossed…


– A super card game where each player receives 2 cards and the croupier gets 1 card. Can you beat the dealer’s hand? Pull as many cards as you wish, but be careful not to exceed a total of 21 or the dealer takes your chips. After each player has decided not to pull any more cards, it’s the croupiers turn to play their hand. The croupier can not stop on any total less than 17 but must stay on 17 or higher. Will your beat the dealer? Good luck!


Texas Hold’em Poker

– Play poker just like they did in the wild, wild west! Each player recieves 2 cards & don’t let anyone see your hand as you are all playing against one another. You then decide to either bet or throw your hand away. Again, dealer’s will guide you on how to play. This table can also be hired using your own dealer for the more experienced.

Caribbean Stud Poker

– Players are dealt 5 cards each and just like Texas Hold’em, do not show hands. If your hand betters the dealer’s, you’re a winner! The order of hands is as follows: Royal Flush / Straight Flush / Four of a kind / Full House / Flush / Straight / Three of a kind / Two Pair / Pair – & lastly the Ace/King combination. Don’t forget, you can ask for a demonstration.

and introducing…

The Big Six Wheel of Fortune

– Don’t worry if you have not played the BIG SIX game before. Your croupier will guide you on how to play. There are 6 bets to this game paying out 6 different odds. After you have placed your gaming chips on your desired bet, the croupier spins the wheel. Fingers crossed in stops on your number. You may even get to spin the big wheel yourself!
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